eleven of eleven architecture

We encourage our clients to collaborate in the design thinking process to ensure a successful outcome on every project.  

Adapting to each design challenge, our process is dependent on empathizing and collaborating with our clients. Only through listening, learning, and responding to teachers, students, and staff, can we create educational environments that support the curriculum and amplify the potential of its users. The learning spaces we design are durable and strong but remain flexible to promote creativity, experimentation, and ideation. Our clients set the priorities for their projects and we work to meet their goals while at the same time showing them opportunities and solutions through design.


We create spaces where people want to spend their time.

We always prioritize efficient and effective design, finding high-performing and long-lasting solutions that reduce longterm operational costs and minimize waste. The materials we specify are responsibly-sourced and environmentally conscious. Beyond functionality and aesthetics, we choose elements for the way they feel physically and emotionally.